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John Cooper 

BA(Hons), Dhp, MPNLP, GHR (reg.)
I moved to Stamford in 2019. After twenty years in London, it's nice to get some fresh air.
As a clinical hypnotist, I specialise in helping people to let go of unnecessary fear and pain. As a compassionate listener, I bring a gentle, light touch to my work.
I am a fully qualified clinical Hypnotist and a Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Master Practitioner. I am also an accredited practitioner with the General Hypnotherapy Register.
With a friendly, honest and experienced outlook, I’ve helped hundreds of people to make positive and powerful changes in their lives.
We are all different, so it's about finding out what works for you. I offer all clients looking for Hypnotherapy in Stamford a free face to face consultation to find out how best we can work together.
I specialise in dealing with the root cause of pain, deep emotional healing, not just treating the symptoms. I believe that if you pull up a weed by the roots, it doesn't grow back. 
Hypnosis is widely recognised by doctors to help with a range of mental and physical conditions. It is the best way I know to make big changes and to re-wire your brain for good.

My Approach

I am an expert in using hypnosis to remove phobias, trauma and patterns of anxiety, having helped hundreds of people in Stamford and Peterborough to have freedom. Using my own powerful system, I combine a blend of modern therapeutic techniques such as EMDR, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy.



Individually tailored

Non Judgemental


Build on your unique strengths

Just a few things

Free First Consultation

I offer a free initial consultation by telephone or face to face, so we can meet and chat about what you'd like to change with hypnosis. I will explain how hypnosis works and give you a chance to ask questions. Click the button on the right to arrange. I am happy to answer any questions you may have before booking via phone or email.


Initial Consultation


up to 30 minutes

Compassionate listening and understanding.

Hypnosis Session


45-60 minutes

A bespoke hypnosis session to re-wire your brain and feel better.

SAVE MONEY!!!Book and pay for3 sessions for £200 (save £10)5 sessions for £320 (save £30)8 sessions for £520 (save £40)

Stop Smoking


90-120 minutes

Extra long one-off session to help you beat smoking forever. This includes tips, tricks and an MP3 download to keep you on track.

What Happens Next?

1st Phase

Let's start with organising the free face to face consultation. You can explain what you have been going through and I will listen. You can also ask any questions you may have about hypnotherapy.

2nd Phase

Attend the first treatment session where you will experience a hypnosis trance state. We will find out what has been causing your problems and begin to make positive, healthy changes.

3rd Phase

Therapy continues as we break the patterns of fear and pain that you may have been experiencing. I will design a bespoke treatment plan and measure your progress every session.


"Thank you John!! This morning I woke up and thought of you!!! How much of inspiration you are! You always were and always will be in my heart, because without you I wouldn't have achieved what I have achieved already! You gave me strength, and motivated me when I was down! You pushed me to my limits and because of you I've learnt so much!! I have no words to say how thankful I am!!" 


"I wanted to get in touch to let you know I have passed! I have had no cigarettes since we met! Six months now! Every time I have been to the pub and even at a wedding last week, I didn’t fancy one at all! Remember I told you why I wanted to give up? Well guess what? We are expecting our first baby in June! I find hypnotherapy so unbelievably weird but brilliant that it can do that! Thank you very, very much!"

Sarah M.

"Lately I'm feeling like my emotions are more in control, I manage to see some  things more clearly and am more confident as a person.

 I can be with myself alone at home where I used to feel so anxious. I used to have no desire to go out, and it felt like just existence, working, eating and sleeping. It's nothing but extraordinary, I am now watching tv series (silly, I know), going out with friends and laughing again. That was gone for quite long time. I am still working things out but it is big progress for me. Thank you."

Lauren T.

"John has definitely made me overcome my fears and move forward in life. His support, and motivation made me a much better person. He taught me how to get more self confidence and self motivation and to never ever say “I CAN’T”. Always and forever will be thankful to this incredible person!"


"I thought I would drop you a line and give you a quick update on my life. 
Because of you (and hypnosis, of course!) I am alcohol/gambling free with a new and focused lease of life. I can’t thank you enough for your help, I am recommending you to any people in my life who may need that extra life realignment. I feel free for the first time in years.
I am still not sure what’s happened but the best way to describe it is that my life is much more streamlined and fluid."


“Tis not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

Charles Darwin

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You can get in touch by email, phone or through my facebook page, messenger or whatsapp (links at the top of the page).
Email me using the form to the right (I will respond the same day whenever possible).
Hypnosis appointments are available six days a week, depending on availability.
We can arrange a free consultation. It's good to talk about what changes you'd like to make and get to know each other before we start. Finding the right hypnotherapist for your needs is really important.
I'm friendly and a good listener. I look forward to meeting you and helping you move forward.


51 Torkington Gardens, Stamford, PE9 2EW (Moving soon and will update!)


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