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Hypnotherapy For Substance Abuse And Addiction

When we say the word ‘addiction’ people often think of drugs. In my career as a hypnotherapist I’ve worked with those addicted to class A drugs and many more trapped by prescription drugs like Tramadol, morphine and codeine. While the effects of the latter are less dramatic, I’ve seen the anxiety and fear that comes along slowly destroy lives. Successful people with high level jobs and happy marriages are not immune. No one is.

I’ve used hypnosis to help those addicted to alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, violence, chocolate and crisps. I’ve treated people with sex addictions and fizzy drink addictions. No problem is too small. If it’s bothering you and you can’t remove it yourself then help is available.

People are often addicted to compulsive thoughts, physical tics or feeling bad. Addiction is rarely just physical, it’s a belief that runs the behaviour. Hypnosis is the most efficient way to change unwanted beliefs and behaviours.

We often become addicted to something to mask our pain. Perhaps in the short term we can feel numb but over time there will be consequences. Side effects can be chemical and emotional, from headaches to losing loved ones. You may survive by feeling numb but you can never thrive in this state.

My approach is different for each person. With some it will start by helping them to clear out negative feelings and boosting their confidence while we deal with the addiction. With some it’s simpler- hypnosis removes the triggers and re-wires the mind to no longer identify with the habit.

Curative hypnotherapy works gently with people who are stuck and can help to get rid of things you don’t want. An skilled and kind practitioner using hypnosis can give you the freedom that you’ve always wanted.