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Hypnotherapy for Trauma and PTSD

Some people suffer from a traumatic event and manage to understand it, accept it and release the negative emotions that are left over. It may be that they were fully supported or perhaps they had access to the correct inner resources to deal with the pain. They don’t forget the event, they just file it away in the brain, marked ‘dealt with’.

For others, trauma stays with them. The negative emotions of the incident remain unprocessed and stuck to the memory. Even though it all happened ages ago, they accidentally create a faulty pattern match so that the memory gets triggered over and over again. It might be a picture or video that replays the moment in your mind and it will probably go hand in hand with feelings of fear, sadness or shame. Your brain has received a faulty signal from the trigger which tells it that the trauma is happening now and you are in great danger. You can go into fight or flight mode in Tesco while you’re deciding which fish fingers to buy.

There is a technique I use that breaks the pattern match and scrambles the trigger that sets off the memory. It breaks the relationship between the pictures or sounds you experience and the negative feelings. It’s all about re-wiring and letting go with an expert right by to guide and heal.

The trauma that you may be going through was bad enough the first time it happened so you certainly don’t want to be replaying it over and over again. Time to re-wire and put those memories out of sight and earshot.