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Hypnotherapy for Pain Management

Pain is a signal from the mind that all is not well. It is a loop between the brain and the tissue. It may be felt physically but it is created in the brain. With this in mind, it can be treated in various ways, one of them being hypnosis.

Chronic pain (also called persistent pain) can be caused by damage, but for some people no physical cause can be established or you go on feeling pain long after you should. Chronic pain can be debilitating and confusing. Hypnotherapy, in conjunction with other treatments, can help to control and lessen symptoms.

We can re-train receptors to be less easily activated. Dulling the pain.

Connections between the neurons in the pathway can be altered.

We can install anchors of peace and positivity to flood your mind whenever pain begins. These hypnotic anchors can be triggered whenever you need them.

Allowing the mind to accept the pain and work with it, bringing

Chronic pain can persist for a long time after an injury and it can be hard to treat. People with chronic pain may experience sleep problems, irritability and depression, all of which can make things worse. Hypnotherapy is an excellent way to manage chronic pain directly and also the secondary symptoms of pain.

Hypnotherapy is very effective with referred pain and psychosomatic illness too.