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Services I Provide

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Phobia Hypnotherapy

Anxiety Hypnotherapy

Driving Hypnotherapy


Self Confidence Hypnotherapy

Depression Hypnotherapy

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

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PTSD & Trauma Hypnotherapy

Sleep Disorder Hypnotherapy

Addiction Hypnotherapy

Relationship Break-Up Hypnotherapy

IBS Hypnotherapy

Pain Management Hypnotherapy

Some more examples of the treatments I offer:

AnxietyOCDTraumaConfidence and self esteemSleep disordersPublic speakingBruxism (grinding teeth)Stop SmokingStammering and speech issuesDepressionAddiction to alcohol, drugs and foodHabit ControlNegative self-talkWeight LossRelationship problemsSexual IssuesPain managementFear and PhobiaPain ManagementGriefCoping with Stress and worryFeel more positive and relaxedSporting PerformancePTSDPublic speakingAnger issuesChanging deeply held beliefsImproving memory, learning and creativityProcrastinationIBSStressExam performanceAchieving Goals
That list is pretty long, but many problems can be solved by adapting several core techniques. Everyone is different and I will design a program of treatment just for you.