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Hypnotherapy for Relationship Issues

Hypnotherapy is a great way to gently and thoroughly put you in touch with your resources. When you are running on empty, hypnosis can re-connect you with positivity.

A break up with a partner can send your life off the rails. When someone ends a relationship with you it can leave you in shock, reeling from the rejection and pain. When you’ve designed a future around that one person and made plans (even in your mind) for years to come, being abandoned can leave you feeling that everything you believed in was a lie. It can be a very lonely feeling. It’s like being disconnected from the world with no future, a tainted past and your life in ruins. Perhaps there is anger or desperation to have that person back.

You don’t always escape free when it’s you that makes the final decision. You may still care about your ex and seeing them so sad takes it toll. It’s common to feel guilt and sadness on someone else’s behalf. It’s common to feel wracked with doubt and low self confidence as you pick up the pieces and try to start again.

Sometimes, time and smart processing take care of the negativity- we heal, learn and move on. Now and again that is too difficult to achieve and we can get stuck in our grief. Long after the relationship is over, the patterns of anxiety, loneliness and fear are still there playing out in the background. They have generalised into our lives and no amount of logical processing will shift them.

Hypnosis can help to clean out old emotions that are left over from traumatic experiences and help you to look to a positive future. We all get stuck sometimes and need help to set new goals and feel free again.