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Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

People can say some silly things about losing weight. Saying ‘just eat less’ or ‘get some exercise’ or ‘only lazy people get fat’ or ‘look at me, I never put on weight’ is not only upsetting to hear, it’s ignorant about how our brains work.

The way we physically approach weight loss has to come from two places. A desire to change and the tools to do it. One is no good without the other. It is easy to think that food issues are just a matter of being undisciplined but that is a symptom, rather than a cause.

There are lots of reasons why we put on excess weight and hypnotherapy can be a great way to treat some of the causes. Hypnosis can help with willpower to exercise and design a healthy eating program. Hypnosis can also diagnose emotional problems where they exist and release negativity. Strengthening self-esteem can be useful too.

If a particular habit is getting too much (biscuits, crisps etc.) then there is a technique to rid yourself of that particular food or drink craving (I cut out drinking Coca-Cola myself using this method).

Hypnotherapy is widely recommended by general practitioners as an effective part of weight management.